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What is Durmeric?

Ayurvedic Herb Extracts In Purest Form = Durmeric Drops

Even Better Than Fresh Herbs. Our Nanoemulsion based advanced scientific extraction method preserves all the water-soluble and insoluble active ingredients of herbs in its natural and purest form. Most other forms of herbal products such as powders, tablets, or hot water decoction of herbs does not result in high-level of herbs ingredients absorption in water. Even the fresh herbs when mixed with hot water will not result in complete absorption of insoluble ingredients which may be in the form of oil or other chemical forms.

Moreover the medicinal values and therapeutic benefits are possible only at certain dosage and concentration of herbs and not at very low or very high concentration levels. Our scientific research team has perfected the exact dosage of each of the various herbs to give you the maximum functional efficacy of these herbs.

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Nanoemulsion Technology ➔
Maximum Bioavailability

More nutritional herbs’ active ingredients in a Single Drop, Durmeric Nanodrops.

Durmeric Drops are extracted from the Purest Ayurvedic Herbs with maximum bio-availability that’s possible in today’s age. Our research and development team at Durmeric has made this possible by using various Nanoemulsion and Advanced Extraction scientific methods that are based on Global Pharmacological Standards. Nanoemulsion Technology ensures that we extract not only the water soluble but also the insoluble active ingredients in form of oils or other chemicals that are generally not absorbed by other forms such as powder, tablets and hot water decoction of fresh herbs.

Mother Nature’s Best Raw Material Sourcing

Durmeric takes sourcing seriously. Because ingredients quality directly impacts bioavailability and potency.

Our sourcing and scientific research team have traveled across India and identified the best places and sourcing partners for Durmeric’s raw Ayurvedic Herbs farms. We directly source from small farmers who are doing the right thing including ethical and sustainable harvesting methods, not using pesticides, committed to best quality, etc.

Durmeric’s Quality Promise

Durmeric manufactures herbal products and oils that consumers ingest and use topically. We understand the responsibility that comes with it. Quality of our products and Safety of our consumers – both are causes that are dear to our founders and we personally attend to these matters at Durmeric.

All our products are tested multiple times throughout our supply chain – raw material ingredient testing, manufacturing unit testing, finished products and packaging testing. The raw materials are purchased only after a certificate of analysis that checks that the produce is toxic-free from any pesticides. Scientific testing protocols are strictly adhered and we use accuracy tools such as TLC & HPTLC. The formulations, dosages go through several rounds of pre clinical studies before the stage of commercialisation so that we can bring the safest and premium quality natural herbal products to you.


Cleaner Ingredients. Higher Standards.

  • 100-PURE 100% Pure
  • no-heavy-metals No Heavy Metals
  • Highly-Bio-Available Highly Bio-Available
  • No-Preservatives No Preservatives
  • No-Artificial-Coloring No Artificial Coloring
  • Non-GMO- Non-GMO
  • No-Artificial-Flavour No Artificial Flavour
  • Vegan Ayurvedic

Motivated by a Beautiful Mission

Bringing India’s Age Old Ayurvedas Benefits to Our Modern Busy Life

From our childhood, most of us have vivid memories of our health rituals with kadhas and kashayams that our Amma or Aai, our Aajis or Dadis gave us.

Now, the hustle bustle of modern life has taken us far from our villages and hometowns. We don’t have time and energy to go look out for Ayurvedic herbs. More so we don’t have access to the high quality herbs anymore. And many of us are struggling with weakened immunity and highly stressed lives.

Mannar and Bala are currently rooted in Madurai with easy access to Ayurvedic herbs. Nitin and Chirag stay in Mumbai. The city life is beautiful. But the city life also gave us stress, weight, pollution, BP, sugar, cholesterol – and many more health issues to deal with.

We ruefully think that all of us are aware about the health benefits of our age old Indian Ayurveda. But yet we are so far away from accessing our own traditional health systems.

With Durmeric, we are doing our part to bring back Ayurveda benefits to our modern day life. We are building Ayurvedic Herbal products that will fit right in our busy city lifestyle and give us all the health benefits of traditional Ayurveda.

Durmeric Drops are dedicated to all of us who have fondly missed their Dadi’s kadhas and kashyamas.

Made with 100% Pure & Natural Ayurvedic Herbs

Meet The Team

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