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Benefits Of Vetiver In Just A Few Drops A Day
Durmeric’s Vetiver Concentrate Herbal Drops consists of nano-emulsified Vetiver (also known as khus khus) extract that provides all the benefits of Vetiver in the most bio-available form to maximize absorption. Vetiver extract is popular for its soothing, grounding capabilities, and displays various health benefits.
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  • 60mL
  • 100mL
  • 500mL
  • Pack Of 1
  • Pack Of 2 (5% Off)
  • Pack Of 4 (10% Off)

10g Grass-Fed Collagen

Promotes Healthy Hair,
Skin, & Nails

Builds Strong Joints & Bones

Rich in Protein

All The Benefits Of Vetiver In Just A Few Drops A Day

Vetiver extract is popular in aromatherapy, and has distinctive medicinal properties, most notably being its effects on alertness & brain function. Durmeric’s Vetiver Concentrate Herbal Drops consists of nano-emulsified Vetiver extract that provides all the benefits of Vetiver extract in a highly bio-available form. This means that you could get all the benefits of Vetiver in as less as just one drop a day.

Improves Alertness

Vetiver extract exhibits strong attention boosting benefits. Daily consumption helps

Aids Respiratory Health & Reduces Stress

Vetiver helps improve respiratory health, and is good at reducing stress. Daily consumption helps

Control Inflammation

Vetiver extract contains anti-inflammatory compounds that have various health benefits. Daily consumption helps

Vetiver extract is popular in aromatherapy, and exhibits various medicinal properties that make it an excellent addition to your daily diet. Durmeric’s Vetiver Concentrate Herbal Drops ensures that you get all the goodness of Vetiver everyday, in the most bio-available form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Vetiver oil extract, also known as a khus oil extract, is extracted from the plant vetiver, which is a grass-like plant that grows more than five feet of height and has a distinctive sharp fragrance. However, the vetiver herbal drops originate from nano-emulsified Vetiver extract (or khus extract) and famous for its therapeutic value. The best way to take Vetiver extract is by diluting the concentrated extract. So to make this consumable, it requires adding a few drops of oil extract to a glass of water. The daily dosage, as in the number of drops of Vetiver drop, is mentioned on the bottle. Yet the dosage may vary according to the age, weight, general immunity and most importantly as per the advice of one’s physician.

Vetiver extract is derived from the vetiver plant root. For extracting the oil content, the vetiver root is first soaked in water. This soaking technique releases a concentrated oil right on the top of the water. The Vetiver extract herbal drop is not only suitable for aromatherapy, but this component comes with several benefits. It helps in relaxing nerves and muscles that have been damaged due to shock, fear or stress. Moreover, it also helps to eliminate complicated conditions like nervous disorders, distress, epileptic, hysteria attacks, anxiousness and even some ailments like Parkinson’s disease. Mentioned below are some other noticeable benefits of the Vetiver or khus extract herbal drops- 

  • Heals wounds- The vetiver herbal drop has exceptional antiseptic properties that prevent bacterial attacks on the damage and also help in healing the wound by promoting the growth of new tissues. To your surprise, this magic potion also boosts up the accumulation of leucocytes and platelets to the injury that supports rapid wound healing. 
  • Several health benefits- The Vetiver drop helps to relieve people who have been suffering from rheumatism, arthritis, gout, muscular aches and a lot more. 
  • An excellent sedative- As Vetiver or khus extract promotes a soothing and relaxing effect to the nerves and muscles, so it can also be used as a sedative. According to the recommendations of some physician, this herbal drop is capable of sedating annoyances, disorders, seizures, emotional outbreaks like anger, anxiety, impulsiveness and even insomnia. 
  • Drives sexual desire- It is said that vetiver drops can remarkably enhance libido and arouse sexual desire as having sex has more to do with a person’s psychology than physiology. So people who have been suffering from frigidity, lack of libido and infecundity can use a few drops of this ingredient to stimulate their brain. 
  • Improves concentration- People suffering from conditions like ADHD or anxiety can find an improved concentration level as the direct effects of aromatherapy. 
  • Clears acne and boosts skin health- The vetiver oil drops can be extremely beneficial in removing acne and acne marks because it exhibits potent anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. It helps keep acne away from your skin forever. Additionally, on using vetiver extract along with some other oil like Jojoba oil, can help make your skin nourished and soft.
  • Helps to diminish scars- One of the active components that are present in vetiver extract oil is cicatrisant agent (healing) which is responsible for eradicating scar or other undesirable marks on the skin. Additionally, it also helps in replacing the dead cells and tissues to help achieve a uniform appearance. This wonder product helps to remove post-delivery stretch marks for pregnant women, stretch marks, after-spots of pox and even burn marks. 
  • Reduces skin inflammation- Since this oil has a cooling effect so it can be used to soothe out all types of inflammation. Vetiver oil extract can also be used to treat dehydrated and sunburnt skin. 
  • Great anti-ageing agent- Vetiver drops help in cell regeneration that makes it a powerful anti-ageing agent. It has an active ingredient called cicatrizants that is known to stimulate the collagen build-up of the skin. This, as a result, helps to reduce all the five signs of ageing like dark spots, dryness, dullness, acne marks, fine lines and even wrinkles. Furthermore, regular use of the vetiver or khus extract can add elasticity to your skin, making you look younger.
  • Boosts immunity- Vetiver oil has excellent antioxidant properties that help in detoxifying your body making your body healthier. Also, khus oil extract can play a very crucial role in boosting up your immunity to a greater extent. 
  • Treats dandruff- Dandruff arises when your scalp becomes extremely dry or due to the lack of hygiene or due to extreme humid weather. Severe cases of dandruff may even result in infections and flaking. However, the use of a few drops of this aromatic oil in addition to some other nourishing carrier oil can not only moisturise your scalp, relieve dryness but also removes dandruff.
  • Improves hair health- All the essential nutrients and natural ingredients that are present in the vetiver oil can be a one-stop solution that can relieve all your hair problems. With the anti-microbial property it has, this oil helps in preventing any fungal infections and makes your hair healthy and strong.

As long as vetiver extract is taken in the right amount, it is safe and doesn’t cause any side effects. However, it is crucial to seek advice from your doctor in case you are either pregnant or a nursing mother. Also, before using the product, you must go through the disclaimer that is mentioned below- 

  • For intake by mouth: Vetiver herbal drops are most likely to be safe when taken in food amounts. But there is no concrete evidence about the impact of this drop when taken in doses that are found in medicine.
  • For application on skin: Again, there is minimal information regarding the safe application of Vetiver herbal oil extract on skin.
  • For inhalation: For intake through inhalation too, there is no substantial proof or information about the safety or side-effects of using vetiver extract.

Precautions & Warnings:

  • It can be said that the Vetiver or khus extract is likely to be unsafe for pregnant and breastfeeding women and may even increase risks of miscarriage. However, the impact of the herbal vetiver drops on a feeding infant is still unknown as of now.
  • For children, less than or of age two years must never use this extract, and things must be always be consulted with a doctor before any application or intake of Vetiver extract.
  • The pure, undiluted herbal oil extract may cause skin sensitivity; hence it is required to keep it away from the eyes, inner ears or any other sensitive parts of the body.

Experts highly recommend using vetiver extract oil drops as a part of your daily diet because of the following reasons- 

  • Antiseptic property: In tropical countries like India, we mostly deal with a hot and humid climate that makes it the favourable environment for the growth of bacteria and microbes. As a result, wounds are prone to develop infections and septic due to the rapid growth of microbes. Vetiver is a boon from Mother Nature. The extract drops of Vetiver or khus can destroy the fast-growing Staphylococcus Aureus bacteria, which is responsible for causing septic infection. Thus Vetiver extract can be safely applied externally on a wound or through the oral intake to protect wounds from external or internal septic.
  • Calming Property: The extract, when added to beverages or aphrodisiacs, helps in having a relaxing effect on severe stress. It can effectively help to cope with scenarios of stress, shock, fear, anxiety, etc.
  • Anti-inflammatory property: The vetiver herbal drop helps to calm all sorts of inflammation. It is specifically good at relieving from inflammation in both the circulatory and nervous system. It can also be regarded as a treatment for inflammation caused by sunburn and dehydrated skin.

We extract our Durmeric Herbal Drops from the purest Ayurvedic Herbs that is available in abundance naturally. With the relentless efforts of our research and development team, we have made it possible to practice the most advanced oil extracting technique that strictly endures by the guidelines of Global Pharmacological Standards. The Nanoemulsion technology that we use ensures that we remove all the water-soluble and insoluble active ingredients in the form of “drops” or other chemicals that remain intact even in different forms like powder and tablets. 


Durmeric assures to provide you with a 100 per cent pure and tested product that passes several tests before reaching up to you. We believe in quality, so we purchase the raw materials only after receiving a certificate of analysis that checks if the material is toxic and pesticide-free plants from the small farmers who utilises sustainable harvesting methods. We prefer to adhere to the scientific testing of products and use some accuracy equipment like TLC and HPTLC because we believe in product authenticity and effectiveness which cannot be achieved until the extract is pure and undiluted. Finally, before even stepping into commercialism, we verify the formulations and its exact dosages so that you receive the safest and the premium quality natural vetiver drops that can soothe your mind, body and soul. We at Durmeric take care of the two most crucial factors- potency and purity because only the purest form of essential oils can meet our client’s requirement.

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Vetiver extract contains antiinflammatory compounds that have various health benefits. Daily consumption helps
Reduce oxidative cellular damage
Control inflammation in the body
Reduce signs of aging
Protects animals from Ticks
( a must add benefit)
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Heals Scars and Marks on Skin
( a must add benefit)
Balances harmones naturally
( a must add benefit)
Repels and Kills termites
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Anti-ageing benefits. A powerhouse of antioxidants, vetiver cleans the system of toxins and free radicals that are responsible for signs of ageing like fine lines, discolouration, and pigmentation among others. It protects against environmental aggressors, a major issue behind premature ageing today. Regular application of this (external use) gives the skin a firm and youthful appearance
( a must add benefit)
Fights acne. (external use) A powerful antibacterial and antimicrobial agent, vetiver is an all-natural remedy to treat acne, rashes, and blisters. Moreover, unlike other antiacne resorts that are strong, often harsh on the skin, vetiver is gentle and soothing and makes for a great option if you have sensitive skin.
( a must add benefit)
the metabolic system in order, rejuvenates the body, gives strength and boosts immunity.
( a must add benefit)
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Cools body. Traditionally, Vetiver soaked water is taken during summer to prevent sunstroke due to heatwaves.
( a must add benefit)
Can help stop smoking.
( a must add benefit)

60mL, 100mL, 500mL


Pack Of 1, Pack Of 2 (5% Off), Pack Of 4 (10% Off)

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    This is a complete refreshing drop and works best for me with my daily morning tea.

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  2. Rochelle D’souza

    Its been just few months and I am experiencing great changes in myself. I use these drops daily in my tea. Its worth buying.

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